I love to be in the courtroom. Some of my earliest, most memorable work experience involved prosecuting weapons, intoxication, drug, and theft cases as an Assistant District Attorney at the Dallas County District Attorney's Office. Formidable opponents tested and honed my skills, which I subsequently put to use in the civil arena. I have tried over a dozen cases to verdict. If you interview or consult with other lawyers, ask them how many cases they've actually tried. You may be surprised by the answer.

Preparing to Win

Civil judges prefer that parties resolve their disputes before trial. Instead of fighting in court, sometimes you may be able to negotiate a settlement that provides you more benefit and less risk. Sometimes you may not. We do not believe that you should ever institute the prosecution or defense of a case expecting to resolve it by settlement. Instead, we believe you must be fully prepared to try your lawsuit to the jury and win. That is how we prepare all of our cases. It's as simple as that.

Civic Responsibility

Not everyone is fortunate to have received a good education. I was fortunate. I believe that I am obliged as a consequence, and equally for moral reasons, to give back to the community that afforded this wonderful opportunity. For this reason, we take an active role in local civic and charitable organizations and provide free legal services through Legal Aid of Northwest Texas.


Helping people is in my blood. In the 16th century, William Roper married Margaret, daughter of Sir Thomas More. Later canonized by the Catholic Church, Saint Thomas More served as Lord Chancellor of Great Britain until he was executed. William was the eldest son of John Roper, Attorney-General to King Henry VIII, and his wife, Jane, the daughter of the Chief Justice of England's high court, the King's Bench. William was appointed a position on the King's Bench and was a member of many Parliaments.

Over the centuries, the Ropers have remained involved in law, politics, and education. My father was a teacher. My paternal grandfather was a lawyer. Like others in my family, I, too, have been called to serve others.

Education & History

After graduating from the University of Texas in 1998 with a B.S. degree in microbiology, I attended South Texas College of Law. Since 1980, no other law school in the country - public or private - has won more national advocacy competition titles. There, I served as Note & Comment Editor on the South Texas Law Review. I graduated second in my class. I'm still unhappy about this fact.

After law school graduation I worked for several years at a large law firm primarily defending businesses in civil matters. While there, I found that I most enjoyed serving as the lead attorney on matters - interacting and working directly with clients to achieve their goals - and helping individuals and small businesses. With an affinity for property and contract law, I began to focus my practice on construction and commercial matters. Due to market concerns, eventually I could not assist the people and businesses that I enjoyed helping in the large firm context. As a consequence, the Law Office of John Roper, PLLC was created.

Now I enjoy working with men, women, and the businesses they run in an environment better suited to my personal philosophies and my clients' budgets.